What we mean by working ‘with’ and not ‘for’ our clients

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3 min readMar 31, 2021


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Historically, finding and selecting the best talent has been critical for success, regardless of the organisation or industry. Put simply, the market will always be driven by talent.

To bridge the gap between employers seeking top-flight candidates, and they in turn seeking the right company for their experience, talents and (importantly) preferences, there are executive search firms, such as Tamarind.

We work with the top companies across the Pharma & Life Sciences sector — their leadership roles and building their talent pool. The ethos we follow to do this is working “with” rather than “for” our clients — we partner with both clients and candidates at every stage to facilitate a smooth enrolment process.

Here’s how we do it:

We call it the Dual Hat Strategy. By this we mean that we wear the hat of a career advisor with our candidates, and that of an engagement partner with our clients.

· Career Advisor: When we engage with potential candidates, we play the role of career advisor rather than recruiter. Our goal is not to merely fill the vacancy, but to present the candidates with the opportunities they are looking for, in order to take the next step forward in their career.
This means engaging with them at every step of the process, and helping them to focus on the wider picture, beyond the prospective job itself. We help the candidate by telling them about the company, potential manager, growth prospects, and culture — which gives them a holistic picture of the opportunity that extends far beyond the job spec.

We have in-depth conversations with every candidate, to understand their experience and aspirations, and identify how their next move could help them move forward and give them whatever they feel might be missing from their current role.

We ensure that the candidate has a full understanding of the role, along with the growth potential. This approach helps us to build and establish long-lasting relationships with our candidates.

· Engagement Partner: We collaborate extensively with our clients in order to meet and exceed both their requirements and expectations.

To do this, we engage with the hiring manager but also the extended partners in the team, to get a thorough understanding of the potential opportunity and expectations they have for the role.

This approach helps us to present the right candidates, so there are less rejections. This collaborative approach has helped us develop and nurture a strong bond of trust and understanding with each of our clients. They value the insights we present to them, and trust that we will help them make the right choice.

At Tamarind we are constantly striving to enhance the whole recruitment experience, for our clients but also the candidates. Our Dual Hat Strategy has helped us demonstrate our recruitment capabilities, but also allowed us to develop long-lasting partnerships with clients and candidates alike.



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